We're Expecting!!!
September 14, 2017

Over the past 2 years, members of the truck committee have been hard at work designing and creating a new rescue truck to replace our current one. After hours and hours of meetings, drawings, decisions, mistakes and corrections, all their hard work has finally come to fruition. Last week members of our board of directors and the truck committee went to the Pierce Manufacturing plant in Wisconsin for a final inspection and walk through of the truck. For 2 very long days, we went over every single detail on the truck and we are very pleased with the way it came out. In just a few weeks the truck will be delivered to us, and after some painting and tool mounting and training, it will be placed into service. While very similar to the current truck its replacing, the new truck has new features, technology and capabilities that will help us provide first class rescue services to the lower merion community. We will let you know when the truck arrives and we hope you come check out the newest addition to our fleet.